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Current and Accurate

With all the recent and upcoming changes it is important that your student loan counseling software accurately reflects all of the options available to your customers. With StudentAlign you can rest assured that your counseling specialists will have the burden of making the correct recommendations lifted by our proprietary program eligibility matrix. The StudentAlign system will stay updated with all student loan relief options including federal, private and Sallie Mae.

Workflow Oriented

The StudentAlign counseling process, built upon the industry leading Catalyst workflow engine, will minimize time you will require to launch student loan counseling at your agency. Throughout the counseling universe, workflow oriented counseling has become the de facto standard that ensures consistent quality from counselor to counselor and from session to session. StudentAlign will minimize the training required to bring your counselors "up to speed" on student loan counseling and help you achieve proficiency faster than your competition. Supported by the easy to adopt and manage Microsoft technology, StudentAlign brings the onsite or hosted solution to you in a very short implementation timeframe. The consumer online entered data is easily ported to the Counselor workflow tool and all the data can be easily ported to any other Counseling software.

Integrated with NSLD

Having provided foreclosure prevention and credit counseling solutions for years, we recognize the need for accurate debt information when it comes to crafting effective solutions for your customers. With student loans this is particularly important. With StudentAlign you will know exactly what your customers federal loan scenario is when you pull accurate information directly from the National Student Loan Database. This advanced feature, coupled with our Experian credit report integration provides the counselor with up to date information on not just student loans, but also on mortgage and revolving debt.

Campaign Management

Let's face it, the inability to pay student loan installments is not always caused by the mere existence of the student loans. Many of the people feeling the burden of student loan debt also suffer from other credit and debt problems. That is why StudentAlign helps your counselors takes a holistic approach to student loan relief. Similar to other forms of debt counseling the real assistance is also found in helping your customers establish personal budgets with proper income and spending balance. With StudentAlign you will not only be assisted with finding the most suitable student loan specific workouts, but you will be able to also craft sustainable budgets for your customers. Additionally, with StudentAlign's "Agency Programs" evaluator, your counselors will be able to offer other programs your agency offers when appropriate. Who would have ever thought your next DMP would come through student loan counseling?


  • Workflow Driven
  • Federal & Private Holistic Approach
  • Complete budget assistance Integration with NSLD
  • Integration with Experian