Customer Relationship Management

Speridian Technologies has been working with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technologies for more than a decade. Speridian leverages this decade long partnerships to bring solutions to your CRM needs, in the most efficient and cost-effective way with quick turnaround time in your implementations which results in a faster Return on Investment (ROI). Our seasoned CRM practitioners are well versed in developing leading edge CRM Solutions based on your business needs. Our style of pro-active work culture always addresses the problems of the customers even before they encounter the issues. Thus we ensure that each product is engineered to global standards of perfection with respect to its simplicity, usability, productivity, efficiency and maintainability.

Speridian understands that customer satisfaction is the critical competitive differentiator in today's business world. With our extensive implementation and upgrade expertise, Speridian CRM team assists you with complete CRM solutions, which include end-to-end implementations, version upgrades, data migration, integration, testing, user training and application maintenance. We understand your needs, anticipate your information requirements, answer your questions promptly and comprehensively, deliver exactly what you order, make deliveries on time, and suggest new products & solutions that you will be genuinely interested in.

Our expertise is spanned across most of the CRM functional areas including:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Call Center
  • Service
  • eService/Portal
  • Order Management
  • Case Management
  • Campaign Management
  • 360 degree view of the Customer